OTCQX Rule Changes

Effective December 12, 2019, the OTC Markets has implemented changes to the initial and continued quotation requirements for companies listed on the OTCQX.  The amendments (i) allow certain qualifying companies to use their regular securities counsel for a letter of introduction in place of an OTCQX sponsor; (ii) establish procedures for a company effecting a change of control; (iii) enhance corporate governance requirements, refine the definition of an “independent director,” and provide for a phase in for compliance with these new provisions; (iv) require Canadian companies to utilize a transfer agent participating in the Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program by April 1, 2020, and (iv) require U.S. companies to disclose all convertible debt.  The last rule changes were implemented in May, 2019 – see HERE.

Amended Rules for U.S. Companies

OTC Sponsor

An SEC reporting company with a class of securities that has been publicly traded for at least one year may submit a written application to