The ABA Pushes To Allow For The Payment Of Finder’s Fees

In April of this year, the American Bar Association Private Placement Broker Task Force delivered to the SEC and published a recommendation for a limited federal exemption from SEC registration for securities intermediaries that would be able to assist in the private raise of capital for both private and public entities.  The Task Force previously published a lengthy recommendation and even drafted proposed rules, in June 2005, and has been advocating the rules since that time.  The full text of both the April 2012 submission and June 2005 report with proposed rules can be read on the SEC website.

The SEC’s Position and Current Rules on Finder’s Fees

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) strictly prohibits the payments of commissions or other transaction based compensation to individuals or entities that assist in a capital raise, unless that entity is a licensed broker dealer.

Periodically, and most recently in April 2008, the SEC updates its Guide to Broker Dealer Registration explaining