NASDAQ And NYSE American Shareholder Approval Requirement – Equity Based Compensation

Nasdaq and the NYSE American both have rules requiring listed companies to receive shareholder approval prior to issuing securities when a stock option or purchase plan is to be established or materially amended or other equity compensation arrangement made or materially amended, pursuant to which stock may be acquired by officers, directors, employees, or consultants. Nasdaq Rule 5635 sets forth the circumstances under which shareholder approval is required prior to an issuance of securities in connection with: (i) the acquisition of the stock or assets of another company (see HERE); (ii) equity-based compensation of officers, directors, employees or consultants; (iii) a change of control (see HERE); and (iv) transactions other than public offerings (see HERE). NYSE American Company Guide Sections 711, 712 and 713 have substantially similar provisions.

In this blog I am detailing the shareholder approval requirements related to equity-based compensation of officers, directors, employees or consultants.  Other Exchange Rules interplay with the rules requiring shareholder