SEC Staff Meeting with National Crowdfunding Association

On May 14, 2012, the SEC staff met with representative of the National Crowdfunding Association to discuss issues regarding the implementation of Title III of the JOBS Act, i.e. the Crowdfunding Act.  The SEC posted a memo on the meeting, which is available for review on the SEC website.  This blog summarizes the memo, which memo was prepared by the National Crowdfunding Association prior to the meeting as an agenda and discussion memo and was subsequently posted on the SEC website, by the SEC.

National Crowdfunding Association Compiles List of Issues and Comments

The National Crowdfunding Association set forth a list of issues and comments on the pending Crowdfunding Act SEC rules and regulations.  Unless otherwise stated, I agree with and support all of the comments and issues discussed by the National Crowdfunding Association.

The issues and comments are summarized as follow:

1.         Investment Limitations.  The crowdfunding exemption allows Issuers to raise up to $1 million in a twelve