Nasdaq Proposed Changes In Listing Qualifications

In April, 2019, Nasdaq filed two proposed rule changes with the SEC which would amend the initial listing qualification standards.  On April 3, 2019, Nasdaq filed a proposed rule change to amend initial listing standards related to liquidity.  For a review of the Nasdaq Capital Market’s current initial listing standards, see HERE and related to direct listings, see HERE.  In particular, to help assure adequate liquidity for listed securities, Nasdaq proposes to revise its initial listing criteria to (i) exclude restricted securities from the Exchange’s calculations of a company’s publicly held shares, market value of publicly held shares and round lot holders; (ii) impose a new requirement that at least 50% of a company’s round lot holders must each hold shares with a market value of at least $2,500; and (iii) adopt a new listing rule requiring a minimum average daily trading volume for OTC traded securities at the time of their listing.

On April 18, 2019 Nasdaq filed