SEC Issues Guidance On Proxy Advisory Firms

On August 29, 2019, the SEC issued anticipated guidance related to the application of the proxy rules to proxy advisory firms.  Market participants have been very vocal over the years regarding the need for SEC intervention and guidance to rein in the astonishing power proxy advisor firms have over shareholder votes, and therefore public companies in general.  The new SEC interpretation clarifies that advice provided by proxy advisory firms generally constitutes a “solicitation” under the proxy rules including the necessity to comply with such rules and the related anti-fraud provisions.   On the same day, the SEC issued guidance on the proxy voting responsibilities of investment advisors, including when they use proxy advisory firms.  This blog focuses on the guidance directly related to proxy advisory firms.

The SEC has been considering the role of proxy advisors for years.  In 2010 it issued a concept release seeking public comment on the role and legal status of proxy advisory firms within the