SEC Publishes New C&DI On Pay Versus Performance Rules

For the second time since the adoption of the pay versus performance rules (Pay vs. Performance) in August, 2022 (see HERE), the SEC has published guidance via new compliance and disclosure interpretations (“C&DI”).  The SEC previously published 15 C&DI on the subject in February 2023 – see HERE.

The Pay vs. Performance rules require companies to provide a tabular disclosure of specified executive compensation and financial performance measures for their five most recently completed fiscal years in any proxy or information statement filed under Section 14 of the Exchange Act. With respect to the measures of performance, a company is required to report its total shareholder return (TSR), the TSR of companies in the company’s peer group, its net income, and a financial performance measure chosen by the company itself. Using the information presented in the table, companies are required to describe the relationships between the executive compensation actually paid and each of the performance measures, as well