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Schedule TO: In addition to an initial Schedule TO, which must be filed with the SEC on the commencement date of the offer, under Rule 13e-4, a company must file any of its written communications related to the tender offer, an amendment to the Schedule TO reporting any material changes, and a final amendment to the Schedule TO reporting the results of the tender offer. Moreover, a company must further disseminate information through either mail or widely distributed newspaper publications or both…


SEC Issues New C&DI On Abbreviated Debt Tender And Debt Exchange Offers

ABA Journal’s 10th Annual Blawg 100


The SEC has been issuing a slew of new Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations (“C&DI”) on numerous topics in the past few months. On November 18, 2016, the SEC issued seven new C&DI providing guidance on tender offers in general as well as on abbreviated debt tender and debt exchange offers, known as the Five-Day Tender Offer. The guidance related to the Five-Day Tender Offer clarifies a previously issued January 2015 no-action letter on the subject. As I have not written on the subject of tender offers previously, I include a very high-level summary of tender offers in general and together with specific discussion on the new C&DI.

What Is a Tender Offer?

A tender offer is not statutorily defined, but from a high level is a broad solicitation made by a company or a third party to purchase a substantial portion of the outstanding debt or equity of a company. A tender