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Rule 803

NYSE American Board Independence Standards

NYSE American Company Guide Rule 803 delineates the requirements independent directors and audit committees.  NYSE American Company Guide Rule 802 requires that a majority of the board of directors of a listed company be “independent.”  Rule 803 requires that all members of the audit committee be independent and defines independence and Rules 804 and 805 require that all directors on the nominating and compensation committees, if a company has such committees, be independent.

Under NYSE American Company Guide Rule 803, an “independent director” means a person other than an executive officer or employee of a company.  The board of directors must make an affirmative finding that a director does not have a relationship which would interfere with the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the responsibilities of a director for that director to qualify as independent.  However, the NYSE American rules specify certain relationships that would disqualify a person from being considered independent.  Stock ownership is not on the


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