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Equity Line Financing

OTC PINK Companies Now Qualify For Equity Line Financing

Without fanfare, the issuance of guidance, or any other formal notice, the SEC quietly changed its policy related to the filing of an at-the-market resale registration statement for an equity line financing by OTC Pink listed companies.  To be clear, an OTC Pink listed company may now utilize a re-sale registration statement on Form S-1 for an equity line financing transaction, pursuant to which the securities may be sold by the investor, into the market, at market price.  This results in a dramatic shift, for the better, for OTC Pink companies in the world of capital markets.


Rule 415 sets forth the requirements for engaging in a delayed offering or offering on a continuous basis.  Under Rule 415 a re-sale offering may be made on a delayed or continuous basis other than at a fixed price (i.e., it may be priced at the market).  It is axiomatic that for a security to be sold at market price, there must


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